The Live Room

The Live room is set out to make the musicians and bands feel right at home, the floor is Olive ash and was chosen specificlly for the live room.

The combination of the hardwood floor, rugs and curtains give the live room a special, warm yet lively sound, particularly suited for that 'live band' feel.

The room is equipped with all the gear a band would need for a regular band practice including full drum kit, 10 channel powered mixer and speakers, guitar amps, microphones, cables and stands. Custom made wall plates are fitted in 3 locations in the live room allowing for 12 line input jacks, and 20 XLR mic inputs to be sent to the control room and 6 headphone returns to the live room for musicians foldback.

The Control Room

At the heart of the control room is the Toft ATB 24 Analogue mixing console which sits in front of a triple glazed window looking into the live room. Signals to and from the live room are via a 19 inch rack unit containing line and mic patch bays, 8 channel headphone amplifier, Motu 24 io and outboard units. 

The control room is a comfortable place for the engineer to track and mix the musicians and bands projects.

The studio is now linked to the cottage by a specially designed wall mounted stage box with 12 inputs and 4 outputs which allows complete separation between the cottage and the studio for recording drums, amps, vocals etc in a different acoustic environment.

Equipment List

This equipment is included in the price of the bookings as indicated on the Rates page. Additional equipment is available at a nominal charge. 


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